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Reviews for "Punch'd (2004)"


Don't let ajerks who review your movie piss you off... your just letting them win... your better than that.

eddsworld responds:

ok, i will keep it in mind.

deadly ninjas

it was sweet. being a ninja myself i am glad to see people giving ninjas work. and parodys are always amusing. unless they suck balls and hey THIS ONE DIDNT!

Great job and idea

The art and animation is a little poor, but this was still pretty funny. Nice job. Just make it all neater next time.


IF your going to do a parody on a comic show your going to have to do a better job then that.

eddsworld responds:

Comic show? wtf? its a hidden camera show


that was weak, cant you do better than that!? it wasn't even funny! And don't use your voice in these flashes, you just sound gay. Use text!


eddsworld responds:

well it looks gay with just text.