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Reviews for "Punch'd (2004)"


ehh, it was pretty good. But your voice is the worst voice ever thus ruining the movie. good job

keep em coming

If you are making another one. Please try using other things besides using ninjas just to keep the joke from getting stale. Otherwise I think its going along great keep it up.

Only one thing bothers me... the sound, plz read..

Its true in most flash movies that the sound sucks... the sound in your movie is distorted, get the sound tweeked and get a different persons voice in there, it would add a good effect if you had a friend of yours that sounded like kutcher to do the voice for the host... and your microphone sucks (too much flush and background noise), I hope this helps you in the future because people who have as much voting influence as me vote for sound first, then visual pace, and then how they go together. I hope to hear a revised audio for this flash in the future...
looking foreward to that. good luck

eddsworld responds:

how do you suggest i clear the sound? and i did get 2 other freeidns to do voices.

If only...

I don't think this has potential for a show. Jus t one linear thing for the whole time. Good jorb though.3 fo u

eddsworld responds:

well, i was only going to amke it into a show if it did well.

Haha! Loved it!

Just your entire sence of humor gave it a nice feel. Good job man!