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Reviews for "Punch'd (2004)"


I've been waiting for that to happen to Ashton Kutcher for a long time and today it finally happened Thank You!!!!!!!

lol not a good movie at all...

but whats funny is that I am wearing a Punk'd shirt. I dont even like the show, I just got it from a place that is like the salvation army but cheaper, cause im so poor lol. U SUK

eddsworld responds:

well u suck for wearing a punkd shirt.


not very original, id stick with drawing stick figuers for the graphics for a little while, and also, get a new mic or somthing. this only had a good intro in my opinion, the rest wasnt all that great, keep trying though, you are definitly better than me =P


5/10: meh

The intro was cleverly made and mimiced that of punk'd. Very pleasnt to look at and very stylish.
This was just for the intro though...
The rest was subpar and made fun of the show prefectly, but didn't appeal to me.
Humour was uncreative and didn't feel unique as some titles on this site.


hahahaha llololololololol that was funny good job