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Reviews for "Punch'd (2004)"


U rock man!!!!!!!

Edd you still kick ass!

I really enjoyed it it was really funny.Another great flash.What happened to Peter Andre at the end? And when is part 2 coming?

gotta love those deadly ninjas!

That's a flash with high quality, I really enjoyed watching this one. I'm not really good at critizising, but that doesn't matter here, because this is a really great flash! Interesting concept you have here, this is something you could continue on, there are so many celebrities that deserves to get punch'd. Impressive work, really interesting concept and nice graphics. All in all, a flash that has high quality, just as many of the other flashes you've made.
Oops, would you look at that! I thought I could keep it short this time but I just had to point out your great work. Congratulations!

Yay!!! Deadly ningas!!

This is a VERY funny flash! You should make more episodes of "Punch'd"

wots with the deadly ninjas??

besides that wos funny as hell!!