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Reviews for "Sandman FX"

Love the Sound

Nice song love it but like they said if you fix it up then the song would be much better =]

It never ends!

I am so thankful I have had the oppurtunity to go back and listen to all the great audio submissions that have been made! I simply love the tone of this one, especially with the beginning. It sounds something soft, like bits of sand dropping into the ocean or water. It turns into a crazy song that has a lot going on, but still seems to keep that subtle sound of the sand going everywhere. It seems to fit the title well, too. It's to bad you won't upload the longer version, but this is still great.

Epic. :)

I love it, makes a change from really bass-heavy music :)
It's a shame theres only the 1:50 Version up though, does sound like pendulum yeah, bit crazy, and not your usual stuff!

I like! ^^

To ElectricalBypass

Why are you judging on 'using presets', using too many high notes?
Liking or disliking such, is a matter of opinion.
You guys forgot how to judge a song.
There, I said it; JUDGE A SONG, not the use of materials to make it...

I don't care how you make the song...

To AxeFX; Great, just great. I love the energy kick it gives, I've listened to it alot of times during my 4-week holiday! Thanks for sharing!

axeFX responds:

eh. he just caught me on a bad day. Mostly what he said was true, I'm just tired of people bashing on this song, lol.

Ha. >:)

I already have the full version on Mp3. Though I won't give it out. >:)

Anyways, the song is great, although the 1:38 synth seemed kinda off-beat. Anyways, good song. :D

axeFX responds:

yea your right lol. The delay on the last synth isn't synced to the tempo : /