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Reviews for "Sandman FX"


If there was a song that could kill your hopes of making a great song, this is the one. Where could I attain the full version of this song now? Great work. You have made a distinguishable song.

yo man

email me the full version, ive got a 2 Memphis 12's i want to put this to the test with. you can send it to pimpin_daddy_pimpin@yahoo.com, thanks man.

axeFX responds:

The full version needs ALOT of work still... and I really don't have the time these days.


to be blunt this song kicks serious ass


i like this song but im disappointed that you won't upload the full verson <.<

plz upload it i really want to hear it :(

Sounds good!*

...however I gotta say, if you did lots of compression and eqing, it doesn't sound like it (especially with the bass). The melody is great though! More so than Pendulum, it makes me think of a mix between Concord Dawn and Black Sun Empire. Keep it up and if you're ever interested in having someone doing track mastering, send me a PM.

axeFX responds:

What I did was multiband compress almost every sound, flattening the harmonics and giving it a very dry sound. This was a test and a fail.