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Reviews for "Sandman FX"


The guys below me is correct. There are too many high notes and hardly any bass until the end. Not enough power at all in this song. I would say this is your worst song. I know when I here a bad song. The high synth is really annoying and should How a whipping sound bassline. Also, you are using a lot of preset sound FX. I like your other songs, but this one was lame.


axeFX responds:

I'm not arguing the fact that this song isn't worse then my others, because I wont lie, this song sucks. I just don't like your review. Yeah, preset FX, poor mastering, but as I said in my comments, its a compression / EQing test. I don't have to upload a #1 hit every time, I'm more then capable of uploading a "test", to see how people re-act, and get advice on how to improve, am I not? I understand its easy to tell me all the things you don't like about it, but why waste ALL that energy typing it up? Why not just tell me, "re-do the song, AxeFX. I didn't like it. At all". Because that is the message I got from your review. "Actually....", this review was a big surprise to me! I was so wrapped up in my own fantasy's I was almost completely certain that this was the greatest track ever. The review below me was really correct? So there's a right and wrong opinion to every song? It doesn't come down to personal preference? Damn, man. Why didn't you tell me sooner? I'll pay you to give me your opinion, seeming as your taste in music, is the "correct" one.


No bass, way too much highs on your lead. Cmon, you can do better.

You're teasing us, aren't you?

It's funny, because you won't upload the full version, but everybody here thiks you should. Well it's your choice anyway ^^
Anyway, really nice rhythm, and I like the tune, and the intro is pretty good, despite it's length. And yeah, it does sound kinda like pendulum, except maybe a bit too much of high-pitch sound for that. Regardless, a very good song

i like it when it kicks in

the intro did seem a few seconds to long but it was worth waiting for a great piece of music here and u really shouldnt put ur music down its great or do u secrately know that ??!

again wow

short piece of awesomeness.
but im unhappy about the thing that you dont upload the full version.
you can upload it somewhere else and post the link here.