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Reviews for "Sandman FX"

Awesome work

Awesome work here AxeFx.
Your work is high quality and good.
To the person below me i reckon if AxeFx added more base it would sound too cluttered.

Keep up the good work AxeFx




It's not what i'm into even though it's under my favourite genre. Reason i gave an 8 is the same thing i typed on kazmo (hope that's his name) More juice! More Bass! More bounce to the ounce! More noise! Above all, it's great. Like it lots.

axeFX responds:

With the amount of stuff going on in this song, it wouldn't be possible to add bass without muddying up the track.

Long intro

Ditto the guy before me.
I need more sustenance!

Cool lead, makes me want to vaporize and appear in an ancient war of the worlds conflict.

Yea, I meant what I said.


axeFX responds:

I started the song off with a build up... then a sweep, then a climax and a pendulum style chorus. To extend it, I added an intro to my build up intro, and lengthened the end. So yea... long intro XD


Where do i find the full version??

Big ups on this track man its just amazing!


axeFX responds:

Hey man, whens your next song comin out? You make some sick shit

Sandman FX

I really like this song. I don't know if you put a ridiculous amount of time into it or not, but it sure sounds like you did. The intro was really well thought out and doesn't hurt the song, even though it's so long. It just really does a great job at building up.

Cheesy woo! Hehe, it works though. It works because the listener him/herself also wants to go "woo!", that's how exciting the build up was, and you know that the next half of the song is going to be memorable. Hell, it was. I really have to disagree with whoever said that the lead is weak. Maybe it's the sound system (Plantronics Gaming Headset) I'm using, but it sounds full to me.

From there we start to go down... no, not in quality, in excitement. Good ending, just the simple fade out of the different instruments and synthesizers, but it works well. I'd also like to comment on the drum work. It's great, really feels like a Drum N' Bass song to me. As far as the EQing goes, I definitely heard a difference in the intro when compared to your other songs. Sounded like you put more effort into it.

Congratulations, 5/5.

P.S. Why would you think this is sucky? Shit's like TF2.

axeFX responds:

WOO! XD The reason the lead sounds full, is because I fixed it. I've been tweaking and re-uploading this song all day.
The reason the intro sounds so good, is from MODULATION. I automated the cutoff of 3 different reese basses (all with varying grimeyness), as well as mixing in trance stabs, and other cool sounds I made from scratch, hehe.
The reason I mentioned it being sucky, was cus I was a little iffy about the mixing. This was my first time mixing and EQing to this extent, so I thot maybe I "butchered" it. I mean, it sounded good to me... but I needed a second opinion, in case my mastering job was a flop.