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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"


thats was sad. it reminded me of my uncle. he died on on of the towers. i miss him so much. really well done. and a change from the usual WTC stuff that comes in.

What can I say..

I feel sadness.. i feel pain.. but most of all.. i feel anger.

Excellent and very moving.

Great job. You captured the emotions of many people and not just those affected by 9/11 but anyone who has lost a father.

Great movie~!

Graphics are pretty nice, the sound was a bit fuzzy kindar.

Screw those terrorist who killed many people on 9/11~!

I couldnt even watch it The song was too sad

This is very sad and to spectre855 and Cat_bat, Scorpian69 and all the other little fucks who dissed this buetifull movie can go to hell! I am a poet and that song wow... it was so sad i am going to watch it now but after reading the first few lines of Cat_Bat's Review i was disgusted at the self centered bastards who have no feelings! Jesus christ, its ok to cry you idiotic morons why dont you go to hell learn to love for once you finch F**kers! GREAT MOVIE I AM REALLY TOUCHED