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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"

i like this movie

well, this movie is about a girl who missed her own daddy so i'm voting five for the movie and i don't like that part where the girl cries and it breaks my heart and I wish I was in that movie so i can cheer her up

Touching, shows the real tragedy of 9/11

I didn't wanna trawl through the reviews to find the negative ones, but if people have been saying stuff like that well yeh...America's trade doesn't seem to be too damaged by the attacks, i think they can recover from it. the individual loss is always a bigger tragedy. i think there's a quotation somewhere along the lines of 'a hundred deaths are a statistic, an individual's death is a tragedy'. it is the lives lost while they were just doing their job, by those just on another plane journey. it is harder to recover from a personal loss than for a country like America to recover from a major trade center.

as for the sadness, well yes i was touched and then when she said 'i can swing on the swing by myself now... even though i miss you pushing me' started getting the big lump in my throat and then by the end i actually cried a little. very well made.

Very moving

It made me want to cry

I like that you have so many different sides to your flashes

Very big contrast from Ray 1 and 2

made me cry

this was beautiful amazing. I have a little boy and another on the way. This really made me think


Man, that made me shed some tears. I luckily didn't lose anyone during 9/11, but I do know what it's like to lose someone. The emotion that comes across in this flash, was the best I've ever experienced to feeling the pain and the suffering one person can go through, by losing someone dear.

I mean, her father doesn't get to see her grow up and all the little things that a child goes through. It breaks my heart when she wishes her father could see her or ever hold her again. And when she cries, it's just too much to bear.