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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"

Oh god..

Look man, I havn't cried in years. I'm tearing up and about to cry now. I see the perspective of both of them. The kid, missing her daddy, nevering seeing him again. But what gets me more is the Dad. Missing all the things the child is talking about. Swimming, kindergarten. I'm seriously close to tears. Powerful. Really powerful.


Cant say anything more than just great. The meaning behind it was powerful and emotional. That fag who bashed it was a douche.

Very good.

Since I never lost someone in 9/11 I never put myself in someones shoes who did lose someone during the attack. Really changed the way I think. I also find it interesting that someone who made Ray 1/2 a game about ruthless killings and such can make something so touching.

i actually cried. cant believe it but i did

this thing actually made me chock up. I suggest this be made the number 1 submition on newgrounds. not for exceptional graphics, or nething like. but just for being what it is. props to u man, serious stuff


I'm one not to cry at all. But this flash made me cry a little. Remembering 9/11...the pain those asshat terrorists did to us...If there is a flash to commemorate the 3rd aniversery of 9/11, it is this. AND ALL OF U FUCKERS WHO HAVE NO HEART, FUCK U. I HOPE U GO TO HELL AND DIE. IF U DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF 9/11 I HOPE UR HEAD GETS CUT SLOW BY THE JIHAD!