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Reviews for "I miss you Daddy"

me sad

NICE JOB im sad


whoever gives this a bad rating is an asshole. I lost my father in the towers.. so be respectful..

Extremely Beautiful!

That just has to be the most beautiful thing I've seen in years along with Shii's song. I just couldn't hold myself and cried while watching it, even when I'm an 18 years old boy I did cry. Touching. And that is because I know what it's like to lose someone like that. My best friend's girlfriend died at Spain March 11 in that bomb attack at the train station. We still miss her, and will always miss her. Phill, if I could I wouldn't give you a mere 10 but a 20... heck a 100. Congratulations.

This isn't about politics or the war

Can't everyone just stop arguing about whether or not war was justified and just appreciate that this is not focused around that? This is focused around the tragedy of losing a loved one. You can put this in any situation. This is the same thing that any son or daughter goes through when they lose their parents. This happens to be in the context of 9/11, it isn't ABOUT 9/11 or the war. The point of the whole thing was emotion, which it delivered very well, so just shut the hell up about who is right and who is wrong, because there is no definite anwer, and just appreciate this, appreciate that it represents the suffering people have to go through, whether they're American, Iraqi, Israeli, Palestinian, ANYONE.

You did a really good job on this movie. I know most people understood what you felt. The few that didn't need to sort themselves out and stop acting like they need to say something about politics to be smart.


Man, that was a sad movie really? my friend next to me kinda started to cry a lil and to also add in I did. My uncle died their.... Phil thanks for a wonderful moive to remember forever..