Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........ <:)

its been 8 years(and 8 days since the time passed where i wouldve just said 7 years happy new year)wheres the new game where the secret password is pheromones the games got porn at the beginning of itself and at the end of itself and if you find the secret glasses and use them on the barrel lady covered by censorship goo then somewhere in the middle xD!

Secret is AWSOME


how to beat the game...

1, get bottle from the desk from your house. 2, get termites with bottle. 3 use termites on bakashu (woman in barrel). 4 get goo from bakashu. 5 go to right-bottom most corner of the same screen with bakashu and get fish. 6 talk to majutsu and get berries. 7 talk to bishoku and get bird and feather. 8 use feather on Nas Enhar and get snot. 9 use snot on Broken Schnappsmachine. 10 upt fish and berries in Pot with Mogoroneschnapps. 11 use bird on tree with necklace (necklace on branch) and get necklace. 12 give necklace to Skum and get dice necklace. 13 use dice necklace on sleeping panda. 14 get scroll of swordsmanship (scroll on the pedestal). 15 give red berries to mihari. 16 get samurai sword (sword next to mihari). 17 use sword on leaves in front of stump in the same screen as the sleeping panda in the top-right corner. a machine will appear. 18 use red fish on machine and get glasses. 19 use glasses on bakashu to get the newgrounds secret. 20 use goo on helium (the helium is on the left of Nas Enhar). 21 talk to majutsu and get Holy Demonslayer Blade. 22 go through gate and use Holy Demonslayer Sword on demon. YOU WIN! :D


what does the weird box do behind the leaves next to the panda

secret a

gonna find the so called secret!