Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

the fish

when you find the fish and paint it read put the fish into the weird old machine (near the sleeping panda ) you get a "newgrounds exclusive" whenyou use the glassess on the girl with the goo.

About that fish...

When you get the sword Cut the Leaves next to the sleepy panda feed the fish to the Machine.


i beat the game ok. slayed demon, helped that goo-barrel-girl and all use all items...

EXCEPT THE FISH! i event painted the fish red... then what? i cant seem to find how to use it.

Funny game. nice comments and humor. too much dialog tho


too much dialogue in the beginning lol, and dam... y couldnt the glasses work for every girl instead of just 1? o and wheres that sequel?! hope that your still plannin on making that, tho lookin at the time u submitted this game, its been 7 years now... unless its not on newgrounds...


when does 2 come out?