Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

Very humorous and entertaining

This game kept me entertained throughout my desperate attempts to use every item on every object. Love it. :)

To the creator of it - great work. I'd like to see a sequel to this.

Really good animations

That was a real good film man. Those chicks were real hot make more naked anime shit ... GG nice..

Kick ass!!!!

This game was pretty much one of the best I've seen on NewGrounds. Good plot, graphics, and humor, the only thing lacking in this game was fighting. Which there should've been since you were supposed to beat this one monster, but the only thing you do is go up to it and press on the sword and that's it. You should make another game like this one, except with alot more fighting in it. Keep it up man!


I go to school to read.


hey overall this game was sick. the plot was tight, but it was a little slow. keep up the good work or ... even bterr, make a better game.