Reviews for "The Legends of Hiro"

Great game. I have no complaints!

A challenging game, not bad at all. Love the song. What did you use for the song that starts in the first scene? It sounds great!

I tried to play this game long ago but stuck after I talked to the samurai woman. Now that I finally break the curse of not solving the puzzle! By *spoiler alert* searching around the bush for the first clue and slowly *pointS and clickS*, I solve the game. Well, this isn't actually a rpg, more like puzzle adventure. Give it three stars not that it isn't good but the difficulty level requires me to actually take years to solve the game...suddenly remind of my youth days (though I am only 20 years old). Thanks for the good game you have and ya, the spectacles...I didn't expect it...

firstly, X-RAY FTW! secondly, will the next game ever come out?

It was a hilarious game.But i still wish the secret glass can be used on the other women.xD