Reviews for "_-={Day of War}=-_"


seriously dude this is the best thing to come to the audio portal in a while

Great Work

Im amazed at the professional level of quality! This is just great! I really felt like I was in a movie!


This song is so powerful it almost feels as though I am thrown into the battle itself. Its just that MINDBLOWING.

It's been awhile...but,

I'll give it my best.
The first 10 seconds of this song, this masterpiece, sets the pace. Immediately throwing your mind into a barrage of epic and mindracing images. Kind of like the one I had, where thousands of soldiers were in a battle to the death. Out of all of your great works, I never really took the time to comment on them all, mainly because it woudl become a repetetive 'awesome' or 'amazing' after awhile. But this, THIS piece. The second I heard it, I was hooked, and well, as you can see. I was throughly pleased. I enjoy music like this, yours in no way an exception. Great work, I shall say. I believe someday you will rise alongside the best of the best composers, if you have not already. In short: 10/10 5/5. Thank you for brightening up my day, well, sorta :3! I indeed look forward to hearing more music masterpieces like this in the future, the majority, hopefully, being well-recieved from you. My review may go unreplied. It may also go unread, but this great work of art should NOT go unreviewed.


MaestroRage responds:

No review written here or any other song of mine shall go unread. I'm glad you could see the imagery behind this track, the raw unbridled emotion of war that carries over into each and every noble heart that fought that dark day.

Whether you review the songs or not, I am just happy to know you listen, and enjoy them! Thank you for the review, glad you liked it!


...in a epic, proud, and slightly sad sorta way

i could really feel the war going on while i listened, very strong stuff here

nice bit in the description too