Reviews for "_-={Day of War}=-_"

That is...

One of the best war pieces you've made!
To the one below me: You watched Lord of the Rings too many times xD

War us Right

Makes me think of Orcs running to battle against a kingdom... a kingdom at seige


I almost instantly got goosebumps listening to this... amazing, just amazing... the voice was a good touch, but the only thing I would change: make it a choir, not just a single man, I believe it was... he was singing high too =P


how do you make such freaking amazing music!? it's just so epic, and you can feel the music - literally! wow!

now where the f*ck...

how are you so gifted to come up with such uber pwnage???
EPIC song and i love the downbeats. The chords capture me most and the tempo, though unusually fast, works GREAT.
5/5 10/10