Reviews for "_-={Day of War}=-_"

Reminds me of Warhammer 40k

Excellent job. Very excellent. It sounds epic and really reminds me of Warhammer 40000 soundtracks. I'm downloading this for future listening. 5 goes to you.

Nice Job!

Awesome, really high quality! I was wondering, what program do you use? I have Mixcraft, and its pretty "lowly" when it comes to quality. Any tips on how to get authentic sounding stuff like what you have? Specifically the drums?


Great work man I was catching up on Berserk and this song fits perfectly for the part im reading :O!


Great piece of music!
I drawed a picture to this: Eveyrthing´s dark, dead bodies and broken stuff everywhere. But there´s a light from heaven. A new hope awakes, the hero is there...
Well... maybe a little strange, but that´s what I imagined while listining to this song, so I had to draw it.^^
Hope you know what I mean, I still learn how to speak english ;)

Cool stuff

I love the percusion at the start. The rest of the piece is also truely masterful. Furthermore the "Author comments" are very cool.

Peace out :D