Reviews for "_-={Day of War}=-_"

Love this song

Great song, really like it. I'm an animator who will be looking for a composer soon, I'm on a shoe string budget but you guys seem like really talented folks. Look forward to more!


The strings/horn section reminds me of music used in Guild Wars. Very powerful force behind this piece.


Every single song that you compose/write (or whatever you do) and that sounds similar to this with its epic "ye olde battle" music (at least thats what I call it, is simply amazing. I always picture battle-hardened warriors preparing to defend their families and cities from merciless enemies swarming down from some unknown land far away. If the middle ages sounded like this, I'd spend my time building a time machine to go back to them.....

10/10; 5/5

I love the strings!

This has a wonderful, professional sound to it - the string sections in particular are really awesome. It looses a bit of momentum when the vocals first come in - maybe something higher that will keep the pace moving - but that aside, the rest is great. Just curious, what program did you use to record this? I'm in the market for something more effective than Finale.

great song

It's a great song