Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"

Yo dog, dat shit was mad crazy!

I luv da way u made the bass solo allthough it wuz so short and somethin' tells me this may have been made with punk o matic 2 yo. tell me if i'm wrong homie and i'll stop talkin' thug to ya. Respect, homie.

Evil-Dog responds:

dude, thinking I make music with punkomatic is insulting. Do you really think I make music with the game that I made? I make the game with my music, not the other way around :|

Wow thats amazing

usually im not one to actually get into music, but your stuff keeps my attention, and thats really unusual as there is only 2 bands i have liked matalica and linkin park(at first), but dam ur music is just as good!

Evil-Dog responds:

thank you dude :) I appreciate it


I have downloaded almost every one of your songs on my iPod Ive heard so far, and I figure your one of the best punk artists Ive heard so far. Youre a faved artist, man. Good work.

But... Its not as good, because it has that quote in it... Im not too fond of songs with words in it. But, this is awesome anyway. Ill give it a 10/10 to keep up your average score, anyway.

5/5 10/10

Evil-Dog responds:

It's cool that you like my stuff, I love quotes in songs but I don't think I'll put them anymore in the future, they're kind of illegal hehe
THanks for the review dude

d(^_^)b [thumbs up man!]

awwwsomme song man! this is soo great :]
the ending quote totally reminds me of this one song by the used...
but its not the same so, no worries. :]]

anyways good job!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks for the review dude :)

I love your work!

How many guitars were harmed in the making of this production?
5/5. 10/10.
keep making songs!
You might consider making an album or something:)