Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"


no its made of PURE EVIL-dog. :P

love ya pookie head :3


Evil-Dog responds:

haha that's PERFECT!


Evil dog, your awesome, loving your music, especially this track, your a great musician. keep up the work.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks a lot :)

Some say punk is dying...

But punk on newgrounds isn't! You're a testament to that, and I do love this song. Nice pacing, guitars, bass; Nice everything! Btw, I loved the Pulp Fiction quote. That actually made me smile

Evil-Dog responds:

haha awesome, just trying to keep it alive :)

Absolutely Awsome Mahn!

this one of the best things i have heard from you mahn, i'm a massive fan of all of your stuff, you are my No.1 inspiration, just a pure icon.

Just keep chucking out the good shit and i'll be sure to listen mahn, just awsome! Rock On!

Evil-Dog responds:

Wow thanks, great words! I appreciate!
I'll keep on rocking!

I'm speechless, again...

Amazing work, as always. You just keep blowing me away. I especially liked the aggressive bass break in the middle. That was cool.