Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"

you know what

this represents what i whould like to do to people who delete my reveiws (come on you know i am right all those games sucked ass)

Evil-Dog responds:

Maybe it's not cause you're wrong, maybe it's only cause you're an asshole

cool :P

one of your best song ;) i really like how you make your song but in this one i'm crazy to listen it great work bro ^^

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks :)


you never cease to amaze me Evil-Dog. I love how in some of your works you add voices.

Evil-Dog responds:

hehe yeah quotes are cool sometimes :)

nice shit

what's ur band name? are you (the band) also located in Qu├ębec area? Do you play gigs? If yes can I book you?

Evil-Dog responds:

My band is ChucksNation, check it out on newgrounds
email me at evildog2000@hotmail.com for booking, on peut en jaser :)

Hey Hey!

Dude I went out and bought a pod xt because of you! haha! what presets do you use usually?

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice, next thing I buy is a PodX3 though, dual input, for guitar, bass and mic, it's awesome!

I use the master of puppet preset :D