Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"

can i just say...

..."WOW?" This is one of your better songs. The progressive guitar keeps the song going, and its not repetitive. I am trying to play your songs on my guitar, and i know how hard it is. I like the bass playing during the quote. Great job!

mjh out

Question: do u play the bass in most of your songs? or does someone else?

Evil-Dog responds:

I play the bass too :)


very noisy and boring

just enjoy it a bit at the beginning 2/5

Evil-Dog responds:

you're noisy and boring

what the h###?

dude weres the metal? and it is so repetitive. mix it up a little.

Evil-Dog responds:

Why do you want metal in a punk song? And I think you have ADD, you might wanna check with a doctor.