Reviews for "My Retribution"

Wow ...

weird .... but great

Mellow and focused.

I listened to this song at least four times. It is a very strong song. Mood is balanced between someone trying to atone for past wrongs and go on with the future. Makes me think of a soldier marching in the desert on the way to his next destination. The song made reminded me of something else. I checked a music site and listened to "We Made It" by Busta Rhymes again. That song is uplifting and encouraging because the people have reached their goals and are in a good place. Yours is mellow and focused, like there is still work to be done. "My Retribution" sounds good enough to be on the "We Made It" CD. Thank you to all that made "My Retribution". I enjoyed the song. :)


You my friend have created a legendary song on newgrounds, Hopefully this song will carry on to be number 1!!!!

Druids-Warcry responds:

hey man! thanks! i hope so too

as my heart beats faster,

as i see the injustice and pain, i realize the larger picture, and see that i am but a small part of the whole, but the whole is but a small part of me, as we are all connected by blood and spirit, one race one voice one family, our bretheren all in one and one in all, for we are but mice and bears, fighting for our small peice of fame, but yet they dont see!! they see not the cost we pay, the insensitive uncaring mindless slow death that we BRING UPON OURSELVES. THE TOLL WILL COME! STAND NOW, AS ONE. ONE VOICE, ONE POWER. for in competition we gain miles, but in cooperation we will gain WORLDS! Hear my prayer, stand from the dust in which you live, the dust and dirt WE created, stand up, reach out your hand and stay your brothers fall. Unite as one, throw off our shrouds of apathy, and once again look to the light with new hope...as one. we are all brothers and sisters of our race. white, black, yellow, brown, it does not matter what color your skin is, FOR OUR BLOOD BLEEDS THE SAME COLOR, FOR ALL OF US. the blood that flows trough my veins is of the same as yours...red. and our blood will run, together as one, for



I AM NOT PERFECT. none of us are. but I see were HUMANITY went wrong.

the question is...

Can you?

P.S. this song inspired what i wrote, and has been added to my main music playlist. there are no words to describe...anything. i cant even describe how it makes me feel. amazing. empowering.
if this would stay your best, i would call you brilliant. if you were to do even better, id call you a genius. you have an ear for music. use it, for it is a great gift. i say this, for as math is the international language of the mind,
music is the international language of the soul....

rating:15/10 cause the rating post cant go past 10.
may you live in peace and prosper,

all of you.

Druids-Warcry responds:

wow really nice! dont think i didnt respon i didnt see this, xD it just got burryed!

but wow thats deep shit man, im glad my music inspired some thing out of some one! you should hit me up, you have a really good style of writing!


this song is freaking AMAZING!! holy crap. cant stop listening to it! awesome job dude!

Druids-Warcry responds:

thank Jedirocker man much respect man!