Reviews for "My Retribution"

great, but not yours

sorry but this is not your music, please tell everyone now. my freind made this song and you copied it from him, u did not make it so just tell us all. im not trying to make this hard but dont steal peoples music. it took my friend 4-5 months to make this song and ur taking all the credit for it. thats jus wrong. my friend is a newground user and as soon as his computer works again he will claim it back. so sorry but im not stupid, my friend trade marked this song first and he is selling it. im here to stop you from gaining fame for work thats not urs. so admit it and give up ur busted. GAME OVER!

Druids-Warcry responds:

Unless you have hard evidence on your ridiculous claims I really suggest you stop talking. I have over 10 that can recall me making a song with F-777 at this time it took "2 days" your friend must be lying to you. The song was made 10/21/2008 and posted on that day. I have all the Flp's and Mp3 of me rendering it and sending it to Jesse and others such as War-spawn, Wyldfyre1, Ingenius, killbillvolume2, NaySly... Hell poetic-reven has the FLP right now and is working on a Remix. So I love to see your Friends NewGrounds account name, and anything else he may have like ilike, Myspace, soundclick, Reverbnation or any other site he might be on, but unless you can back up what you with evidence I suggest your friend get his computer fixed soon.

Personally I think it's odd an account made on 2/23/09 (which is today) is harassing me on a song me and F-777 made in 08. I think you're looking for attention by coming up with lies and stories about a make believe friends who slaved over a song for 4-5 months... if it takes that long for your friend to make a song in this quietly then he must be a retarded Floppy fish frog monkey Shit with crayons so far up his nose they are poking his brain and are deluding the realty of time v.s talent and general Knowledge of music, in the sense of Creation.

Check and mate


This song is fuckin awesome bro, Maybe a collab with you would be fun, ha ha.

Druids-Warcry responds:

Oh hell yeah! a think a Collab would be ill hit me up on MSN if yeah want

Great Instrumental 5/5 10/10

Nice One!
On my youtube account you go.

Druids-Warcry responds:

Ah cool, i guess. i have my stuff on a Youtube already

Killer song

Lol, it rolls quite well, oh you spelt now wrong in the little speach you wrote, just thought you should know

Druids-Warcry responds:

well by looking at this link here i know i messed up on the speech but chould not change it when this song got top 5 cus too many people listen to it.

http://druids-warcry.newgrounds.com/n ews/

it is dated on 10/26/08 6:21 AM

17 Dollars now thats just Gangsta


I like how you commented on my spelling more so then the song ok... take care

MY feeling in this...........

Its the final days of earth

Druids-Warcry responds:

if i die before you i will let you know if this really played

thanks for the comment there Omnix