Reviews for "My Retribution"


A song that almost reaches into the soul and brings out the striving force within people, at least me. Exhilarating! I must say this is a fine piece of work, you have certainly done yourself a favour, keep this up and who knows where you could go! Good Luck!


hey good work man...just one thing though, the piano sounds way too much like: Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night...
i'll still give it (almost) top score =)
dl'd it too ;)


dont see the pazaz i like pazaz


You reinforced the feeling of desperation which is awesome in it's own right. The fact that it lacks the strong edge that I seek in music is made up by the sheer magnitude of desperation within the piece. Excellently done sir.

this is AWSOME!!!

hey man this song is one of the best songs ive heard on here... i just wanted you to know that my crew, D.I.P. iz going to use this song for our halloween special... thank you so much we will be sure to send you a video and we will be sure to put in a good name for you.