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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"

One of the few good tutorials I've seen.

I wouldn't call this a tutorial for people who've just started with it, since you use quite a few different mouth shapes, and employ some more complicated AS to direct it all. Still, I learned a few things from it, and I think it's very helpful if you sit down and take the time to follow it.


Educational. I kind of got tired of reading halfway the movie, but I'll definately return because I'd like to learn lipsynching one day (I hate it though).



it was good. any retard who thinks that is british should shoot themselfs

Im sorry, but i cant do lyp sync with flash, because, when i press "start" for watch the movie in my timeline, and then i press "stop", the video actionally stop, but the sound doesnt. PLEASE someone help :S

Hmmm... interesting concept. :)