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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"


helped me a lot.

Needs Polish

Very good and exceptionally informing tutorial. This should stay here on NG. However, it really needs a bit of work to be a really great tutorial. Just seems very text heavy.

Perhaps it should have been split into different sections (such as basics of lip syncing, action scripting, drawing the lips and what have you).

Still. Good work. I'll keep an eye on this.

of course, the hard way

i prefer doing it with motion tweens and all the mouths in one graphic, but we each have our own preferances, huh? the graphics (what was there) were good, but the long paragraphs made me bored and i didnt even bother reading most of it. make it bigger and more breaks in paragraphs, like maybe one step per frame? oh, did you know that F6 adds a keyframe? yeah

GREAT JOB... but... ehh... what?

The whole thing was pretty good and it is helping me to animate, but what the hell? It's sooo confusing and it's just like what's with the vampire??? But otherwise, good information...

not a bad job but not the best either

you did ok.. not good not bad but ok... i gave graphics a 5 because most of the menu examples you used were blurry and the dracula was ok. i gave sound a 7 (highest score) violence a 0 why? there was none -.- intereactivity... i gave a 2 cuz there was a forward and back button humor a 1 because its kinda laughable....

but what really puzzles me is why they put "orgasm girl" by where it says "if you enjoyed this you might also enjoy:..."
i mean that game has nothing in common with this..

but anyways an ok job you did.