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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"

thank you n_n

This was extremely helpful, thanks a lot!
(and no there wasn't too much writting...)

To much writteng

I got bored at the start so I just quit. My advice is dum it down a bit for the stupid people and shorten the writing!


Educational. I kind of got tired of reading halfway the movie, but I'll definately return because I'd like to learn lipsynching one day (I hate it though).



i need a lip sinc tutorial... but that├Ęs not the one for me. to much typing. maybe use sound and just say the stuf rather than typing it. yes i no how lazy that is...

of course, the hard way

i prefer doing it with motion tweens and all the mouths in one graphic, but we each have our own preferances, huh? the graphics (what was there) were good, but the long paragraphs made me bored and i didnt even bother reading most of it. make it bigger and more breaks in paragraphs, like maybe one step per frame? oh, did you know that F6 adds a keyframe? yeah