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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"

Thanks a lot

One of the most useful tutorials on the site.

worked perf cept for..

i kept getting a syntax error with this code
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
and when i played it back it would sync up then after the audio ended just started being a motorboating son of a bitch

Good tutorial

This is a different way to do lippin but it very useful thank you


Really cool tutorial, thanks! I almost started creating symbols for each "mouth" and inserting them one by one in the time line :) I was like "omg these flash people must be realllyyy patient..." but now I know that there are a BIT faster ways! Though I always get lost with the symbol in a symbol in a symbol and the parent symbol things but well I have to get used to it!


I needed something like this to get me started on my flash movies, thanks alot!