Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"


I'm gonna miss you even though i've only heard like 2 of your songs. This song is great, and i dunno how you do that with FL. lol, i use FL but my music is nothing compared to yours, but then again, can Tracne and Drum n Bass be compared?
Great job of this song, keep up the good work

axeFX responds:

:P this is way old... I've tryed a bunch of other programs, but I'm currently still using FL.


wow that sound awesome^^
i like the kinda metalic sounds.
very well made and good beat.
nice sound layout.
awesome :D

Sometimes you just know

After hearing the first 6 seconds of the song and I automatically knew by the end I'd be downloading it. This has got to be one of the best DnB tracks on Newgrounds

I love it !

The beat is really strong and awesome, reminds me of Deus Ex :D
only down side is the length I guess.

keep up the kick ass work !


This is A good Beat :D,
Makes me want to jump around. I think if you Learned a new program You should infuse both? You're talented with FL so don't just ignore a talent :P.