Reviews for "Adrenaline FX"

video game material

this shuld b used in a video game


axeFX responds:

it is going to be used in a video game

Once again!

The FX epicness continues... Once again, I am in total aw. Your songs are so good. Your becoming one of my favorite artist... We should collab sometime ;)

Keep it up!


axeFX responds:

im open to collab with anyone, as long as im not lazy at the time XD


My top favorie author ;).. i LUV all u make.. dont be mad on me now because i sound like an 'i must say something nice to a popular' or something.. this just RULES damn rules man.. u'r really a nerd to make music ;)..

a hint: why dont u make a album on iTunes and get money from that? ;).. i would download it ..

a clear
keep submitting plz

axeFX responds:

itunes is popular for now... but I fear its demise is imminent


We need to find a way to take down paragonx9, her minions down vote the DnB genre. We share a common goal...If we Keep up the good work we will be able to take her down while she isn't looking.

This message will explode in 10 seconds...

axeFX responds:

First of all, Paragons a dude not a chick. Second, me-sa wanna me-sa wanna me-sa wanna cum

Great, awesome beat!

9/10 5/5. That's a 9,5. keep the good work up!

axeFX responds:

thx man