Reviews for "Pervert Kirby 2.1"


But I find it revolting.
If you made a point I did'nt see, please inform me. I'm sure you're a good flash creator.
Best Regards.

Thank you Piconjo

This sexy flash made me LOL on many occasions, especially the LF bit. Has he been taking Yoga classes?

Anyways, I think you should do Waterman next. That would be priceless.


Man, that was friggin´ gay, i can´t believe someones delete this shit!

Your sick, and giving the name of Peefect Kirby a badname!

um wow

as homo erotically disturbing as that was ill be professional with my review. i dont really know what point there was to this outside of a homo sex orgy and a guy who seriously needs to learn how to clean his asshole. um ur graphics were good ill give u that and i must say the young dude certainly showed some amazing feats of flexibility to be able to suck his dick, especially being he had a small one. oh geez what else um...i dont know what else to say on this really uh...good...job i suppose

This makes my ass look good.

An insult to the good name of Kirby....... :o(