Reviews for "Pervert Kirby 2.1"

no... just no.

that was terrible... it was just pointless unhumerous smut... evidently you can do animation, dont waste it on shit like this.


You are sick. The animation was great, but the story...........

Joey seems very flexable

I personally think you should move onto other genres than making fun of Joey and Pikanjo. Overall, the movie was okay, not something I'd like watching over and over again. Someday I hope to be popular enough to be made fun of by someone of your skill.

Sick! It's like a gay porno music video!

I think this video is just plain too sick to laugh at. And what's up with kirby? You shoulda had him morph into the crap. If he did, well I closed it too soon, because even your average porno watcher would think it's going too far in stupidity.

i cant believe theres people making this shit

that was insanely stupid and sick, yopu should consider a visit to the docs or somethin, that movie was fucked up.