Reviews for "Pervert Kirby 2.1"


Dude.... thats way too many dicks for my liking... Next time make a cartoon that doesnt involve 3 minutes of dudes and Kirby getting sucked off. Hows that sound?

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

well, how many dicks exactly is to your liking?
next time not 3 minutes of dudes getting sucked off? you want more than 3 minutes? Ok!

This is hilarious!

I've got a really sick sense of humor so I found this really funny! It's gay as hell, but funny!

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

omg, j00 have a sense of humor. ur not an uptight jerkoff like the rest of Newgrounds. I <3 j00

All humour of a brick to the balls

It's kinda sickening to think that whenever people make decent flash movies there are going to be people who take a shot at them like this. Well, I hope you don't keep up the crappy flash work and actually try coming up with a cartoon that looks like it wasn't done by some 40 year old pervert who has nothing going through his head but a load of cocks. How this didn't get blammed I will never know.

the fun thing is...

it seems that some of the top artists on NG are making LOTS of people really jealous-and then such ....ähm...wierd....movies are made
-i personally didn't find that one any funny
well anyways bye

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

it's not about being jealous, if these artists didn't rely on video game characters for their popularity or make other people animate for them then they would be respected, as it is now they are just overrated.

Glade you resubited it

The flash was a little homo erotic but who did'nt see that comming?

making a joke outta of another flash artist is not against the rules and Legendary FINAL FANTASY by SickSexFiend is far more offesive than what Piconjo made.

Even if you found this distruing it still takes talent to pull off a high quality prefect kirby spoof.

Keep up the good work Piconjo!