Reviews for "Pervert Kirby 2.1"

I am a fan of LegendaryFrog and many others that Piconjo makes fun of, and I am a fan of Piconjo's work
He is allowed to express himself in the manner he chooses...

A lot of your movies make me laugh and this was no different, just at somepoint I would like to see a flash by you without a penis in it, I can tell you could make some really great stuff

i'll put this in the nicest way possible

That was the most distasteful flash I have ever seen. Don't go around and make fun of other artists, especially ones as great as Legendary Frog, just because you aren't as good as them. Maybe you personally don't like them... so what? It doesn't mean you can do such horrible things.

Uh... wtf

this is sort of funny... in a gross, mean sort of way. still doesn't change the fact that this is complete crap


Dude dunno why but that movie was freaking hilarius. perfectly sync'd music and style to boot. *hat off*


Legendary Frog is a kid who plays too many video games. But in his free time well........