Reviews for "FF7: About Random Battles"

Not the best but still good

Well, this isn't LF's best work, but it's still pretty good. The "Alfred" voice for the narrator gets annoying after awhile. And PLEASE - it's pronounced "TEEFA." Not "TIFFA".

lol funny

the end was funny when he goes "oh keep in mind phoenix downs don't always work, I'm looking at you Aeris. nyenyennyeye" xDD. Awesome job i love final fantasy games =]


tifa look like the tomb raider

Ahh, I remember this

This was back when he was funny. Good show! But to be honest, I always had Yuffie in my party. She was my favorite

lol awesome

but the mat madness game is so hard! and bonus scenes are on there? aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggghhh!!!!!