Reviews for "FF7: About Random Battles"

I love ff games!

Man this is my first rpg when i was a little boy thanks for making an awesome video. You guys crack me up it's so great. Now I want to play it. Keep up that magnificent work. I hope I can see more work of this video! All the great characters including the secret ones, and nice story line which exlplains the basic of an rpg! jaja My respect for the great video.

I watched this after FINALLY playing the game.

Yes, I know I'm a good number of years late, and I haven't even beaten it yet, but I finally understand what the hate against Yuffie and Cait Sith is for. An annoying Materia thief who tricks you after expecting you to hear her sob story after you catch her, and a traitor who had a terrible personality in the first place. "Huh, weird fortune, I'm coming with you!" "Remember me, even if there's another Cait Sith!" "Hey guys, it's me, Cait Sith 2!" And I can also agree on the strangeness of enemies carrying around Gil and items. So...not much of a review, but I'm not much of a review writer in the first place... Sorry~


This is sooo nostalgic. Brings me back to simpler times on the internet.

it not supposed to bend like that

I am looking at you aeris. nice one

XD funny the game almost drove me mad

i like the microphone mess up at the begining