Reviews for "FF7: About Random Battles"

a good representation of random battles on FF7

i liked the narrator, he was awsome. the whole thing was well made and was accurate about the random battles on final fantasy VII. all in all it was good

Brings back good memories.

I think I was about 12 when I first saw this movie. I remember spending hours watching all of LegendaryFrog and the Super Flash Bros' video game parodies, back when those guys were the kings of Newgrounds. Even today, I still enjoy this movie enough to play that damn minigame and unlock all the extra scenes. (My friend and I still quote the Ultimate FF7 Parody from time to time :) )

Mr. Blanchette, thanks for all the laughs over the years, and I hope you continue to make Flash movies!

I love this

How true...no one likes yuffie or cait sith. I loved this, it was all true =P


The guys voice was fucking Hillarious!

Also, he pronouced Tifa's name wrong!
It's pronounced "Teefa" Not tifa

"Sorry Aeris, nasty thoughts!"

The materia game is so hard, it really is difficult to do anything. I only unlocked the frst movie, by luck! When i didnt have an account. Not giving up.

I think it was a really good movie, you turned an old joke and made it into a geat parody. The Tornberry was awesome too.