Reviews for "FF7: About Random Battles"

I see what you did there...

Saw this on flashring.com, didn't even know newgrounds existed then. The minigame is really frustrating.

Speaking of random battles...

Why don't ya battle your way into the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Thx!

not bad

I like Cloud!


...i'm not much of an FF7 fan and all..but i think it's a nice flash...:D
thinking of trying the game too:D

pretty much.

Yeah, that's about how it goes. Every two steps you gotta fight something.

Love your choco/mog Relax-O-Vision. Loop it and there's tons less animating! Not only that, but Relax-O-Vision is ALWAYS funny!! Especially if you can still hear what's going on!

Hmm.....I think a 6/10 for this. Not terribly funny, but not too bad either. :)