Reviews for "StarWarsGangstaRap:TEASER"

Oh my fucking god dude...

Dude that is perhaps the best Flash animation I have ever seen! I may not be a fan of rap...at all... but, I still love this! A really great improvment over the first one. You are a master dude...I simply just cant put into words how awesome this is...


YOU are a god/godess (im to lazy to look at profiles :p) at flash

Kick ass

I already saw the beta version and that was awsome. I liked it in this one how u compared the past with the new. I just hate those people that dont read. I know that your the creator of SWGR. I really just wanna hang those people who say that you're just ripping this off of some other place.

pyropymp responds:

I am glad you share my feelings :')

Well... its June...

Do you have a date set on when it will be finished?
Can't wait to see this once you finish... Loved the first part.

wen you'v seen the first one you'll understand.

I can wait until the full movie is reddy :) can you?