Reviews for "StarWarsGangstaRap:TEASER"

Very cool

Very cool and congrats on all the awards it had lots of success, with great work behind it all, this gangsta rap was very nice and you have some nice ideas the visuals are pretty nice too some good animation and starwars related so that was cool, very impressed, keep it up.

Could be longer


For a teaser, that was great! The best part was the comparison. You certainly have gotten much better. I'm so glad to consider this one of my favorite submissions. The actual rap that is. This is still great.

It's great to just keep on watching. The lines are so good. Everything moves rather fluidly. The voices are great too. The artwork still holds up after over a decade!

We got Death Star!

"I'm Yoda! I'm a soulja! I'm low to the flowja. I thought I told ya!"

PS Animefan23, you are as dumb as a rock! He's not only seen that video, he made it!

Very good.

Star Wars rocks.

i like cookies

seriously u should see the one with swearing in it its like shut the fuck up man leeilas ma sistah the only thing u gain is a beat up on blisters