Reviews for "StarWarsGangstaRap:TEASER"


I can't wait!

Umh okay.....

I really love SW but I hate rap over anything on this earth but since it was SW I had to see it and yeah I thought it sucked ass but it probally doesn't I just.....hate rap so much...... nice graphic btw...heh

pyropymp responds:

Compared to my current progress right now, yeah, this teaser sucks major ass. I have no idea why the score is so high :S Just wait and see...

I hate rap too by the way


it was kool but it was short

pyropymp responds:

read: T-E-A-S-E-R

its looking good

keep up the good work, before seeing this i was thinking why fix what aint broken, now I'm eagerly awaiting the improved version


Why redo something that was great to begin with. Yeah I can understand giving it a better look but its already a classic flash, why mess with it at all? Why not spend your time doing a new flash instead of dwelling on the past?

pyropymp responds:

I am pretty confident you will change your mind after you see the final product ;) Patience