Reviews for "StarWarsGangstaRap:TEASER"


i liked the original one you did, i liked the preview and i think its a solid indicator of whats to come, you do awesome work, keep it up, by the way do you make and do all the raps


Ok. U Took the idea from the website shockwave. Cause i see it there so... You got different movie though but u most likely stold the idea from shockwave.

pyropymp responds:

Smart-ass, the (original) one on shockwave belongs to me, I am the original author of the video. This is my remake. Please read more carefully. The original star wars gangsta rap debuted on newgrounds, and because atomfilms bought the rights a year later, I had to take it off.

Star Wars Review Rappin

Hey I've seen this before. It was on that funny junk website. I really like that flash movie. Me and my friend loved that movie. We sang it at school. We were like "I'm your father, I'm your father, I'm your father, I'm your father! Knock him out the box Luke, knock him out!" Plus I'm a fan of Star Wars which makes it more fun. I hope Episode III comes out soon. Maybe you could rap about that or the clone wars. I can't wait to see the finished rap session yo!

we got death star, we got death star!!!

a cool-ass rap of StarWars... i seen the original version n it was catchy n ass-kickin. though, this trailer shows a lot of improvment in the video n graphics, cant wait to come out!


The video is much better thats all i got to say