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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

j00 r00lz! j4r j4r su><0rz! (erm... yeah)

Kills 54
Misses 6

Your Ranking is
Jedi Master


Well, this makes "Star Wars: Confessions" look *very* promising. Great job! Hope you finish "SW: C" sometime soon.


The aim was all fucked up but good job on it.

"Hiya mesa JarJar Bensks"..............BANG! MOOHA

"Hiya mesa Jarjar Bensks"............BANG MOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MOOOOOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHA! "Mesa go bye bye" MOOHAHA! dude? what thanks. :)

i luv the game but I CANT HIT THE ONES IN THE BACK

my scope takes 2 long 2 reach the gungan i want 2 shoot and i have 2 keep hearing "yousa suck" cause my gun is slow plz make it faster or make the damn gungans go slower so i can get a chance 2 live my dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no dead jar jar= :(
dead jar jar= :)

millions of dead jar jars= XD!!!!!