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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

yeah that game was alright

Yeah it was alright for a star wars game

F*****G FUNNY!!

All i got to say is WTF!! i got rug burns all over me from rolling on my ass on the fllor. that was funny as shit and thats going in my favorites column. the things he said like "if youza donta likes meeza, then youza can kissza meeza ass!!'' and "youza SUCK!'' THAT HAD ME DEAD. but that was great. MAKE MORE STUFF LIKE THIS

Death to Jar Jar

Anything that has Jar Jar Binks dying in it is always good. and in response to the guy before me, Yoda is the bomb. word.

really funny

stupid fat hobbit

he's on drugs man

love it its fun but what is the kill meter like how man kills =what rank