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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

One Good Game

This Is one of the best comedy shooters I've seen @ newgrounds I give you an overall rating of 10 Congratulations!

I hate that damn gungan, so who doesn't?

That game personally kicked ass, because I thought that damn gungan ruined the whole movie, and I'm never watching Star wars again because of him.


Now if only you could do a remake with Amy Rose from
Sonic the Hedgehog as a target.

this is just what the world needed

this is the shit, you have preformed a public service, and in my opion should be awarded a medal for you effort, finaly a game that lets pepole kill that annoying retard jar jar, thank you!!!

i hate that guy

i hate that guy. what is he? he looks like his parents were a hairless dog and a catfish. and he speaks soooooo anoying. is he ment to be funny?? whell, he ISN'T!!! thank you very much for this game