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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"


That was pretty freaking fun man, it was pretty funny when he talked shit if you missed.

I am the greatest!!!!

I killed 52 and missed 8 muthafucka!!!


killer graphics killer game, lotsa blood n guts. I wish I had a better mouse....*sigh* that way I would have scored higher. lol also it's challenging, the game is anyway.

Mesa kill kill kill!

Theysa die! BOOM BOOM BOOM! die gungans die! Stormtrooper here!

yousa suck.. yo own PB ass

(PB means punk bitch)
excellent, i like the insults the most (haha)
still, jar jar isn't so bad just relatively (no, really) annoying. i mean, in ep.1, remember when sebulba beat the shit outta him? that's good like soda