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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

I Love Jar Jar

Ok, I camped outside of the movie theater for 2 months to see Episode 1. JAR JAR RULES!!!


good job. this is tight. the guy who wrote the review on the first page can kis my ass. great grafix.


do u guys digg ööööååååäääää well well that game whas fuck up fun i love it 10 one thing that noysy litlle retered guy is hard to shot sorry about the misses barn i backen se upp i backen

Fantastic Game. A must play!

The shots are greats. The tauting is hilarious. Make sure to shoot Bobba Fett when there is ten seconds left. The ranking system gives players something to go for. Great Game.


I FUCKING HATE JAR JAR! Thank-you for allowing me to shoot the shittles out of him. and I got a jedi master ranking. how good is that?